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Check List Before Filing

1. Make sure that you have filed the correct form. It is better to use form 1040 to make sure you do not lose any deductions that you might loose by using form 1040EZ or 1040A.

2. If you are not using a tax preparation program, double check your arithmetic.

3. Make sure that you have indicated the correct filing status. If you are married, review whether filing separately would save you more than filing jointly. If you are single and support a dependent, check whether you may claim head of household.

4. Make sure your Social Security or Tax Identification Number is written correctly, and the number is written on all schedules and statements attached.

5. Make sure the amount of your itemized deduction against the standard deduction allowed for your filing status. Claim the larger deduction. Check that you have claimed the additional standard deduction allowed if you are age 65 or over.

6. Check that all tax withholdings are entered on your return so they can be credited against you tax liability.

7. If you are using the tables to calculate your tax liability, make sure that the tax taken is from the line and column applicable to the filing status you are using in the return.

8.If you have a refund, make sure that the amount shown on your return is correct and indicate whether you want a total refund, either by check, direct deposit to your account or credited to your estimated tax installment payment for the following year.

9. If you owe taxes, make sure that the amount of tax liability indicated on your return and the amount written on your check is the same. Also, do not forget to include your SS# and the year that the check is for on you check.

10. Check that all the necessary schedules and statements are attached to your return. Always make a copy of your return for your records.

11. Make sure that you have signed the return, if you are filing jointly check that your spouse has also signed the return.

12. Hope you do not get audited for this year...

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