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                        A Local Firm with Global Vision



Our firm is a local firm with the necessary resources, technology and knowledge of any large national or international firm.

We can serve our clients with the following:

- Specific Reviews

- Monthly write-up and Compilation

We will help you to analyze your monthly expenses and revenues ratios and use these as indicatives to guide your specific business, as well as compare your business to what the average business in your same industry is doing.

- Tax Return Preparation

Corporate, Individual and Fiduciary returns. Including Gift Tax, Estate Tax and Informative Returns, such as Pension and Profit Plans Returns.

- Personal & Business Consulting

We can help you from setting budgets, cost analysis, inventory control, internal controls, goals and objectives, computer systems, accounting software... to Tax planing, Estate planing, personal goals and objectives, mortgages, loans, banking, investing etc.

-Payroll Services

We can asses your payroll and recommend what is best for your business, this could be 1) Setting up a payroll system for your company, 2) Our office prepare your payroll and reports when due or 3) Recommend an outside payroll service or employers leasing agency


- Electronic Filing

By filing electronically you will have peace of mind that your return was filled and received on time and that the Service received your complete return.

IRS E - File


- Tax Refund Direct Deposit

By directly depositing your tax refund into your checking or savings account you are assured on receiving your tax refund as well as shortening the time to get your money back from the Service

-Tax Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Representation

We can represent you or your business in any tax or employment dispute or audit, including negotiation of liabilities and penalties.



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