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                        A Local Firm with Global Vision


Background & History




Our firm is a local firm with a very diversified client base; we have clients from Mexico, Spain, Israel, Germany and other countries. We conduct the majority of our business locally, however, we also do some international consulting and out of state work.

John T. Caldarola formed our firm in March of 1990 with the intention and goal of providing the business community of San Antonio with the best "personalized" service possible. We specialized to the business professionals and entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on our personalized attention and in to bringing suggestions and positive criticism to our clients' specific industries.

Then, in October 1991 Mr. Caldarola asked Mr. Leopoldo E. Castillo to join his team to better serve his clients. Mr. Caldarola and Mr. Castillo make an excellent team and complement each other with their knowledge and personalities.

Mr. Caldarola has extensive Trust and Estate experience, as well as overall business expertise in business management and operations. On the other hand Mr. Castillo is well-versed in Finance and World markets. Furthermore, both make a priority to keep up with the constant changes in the tax laws and their interpretation, as well as constantly update their knowledge and understanding about the economy and any political changes that may have an adverse effect on their clients' economic future.

Our firm has always pride itself in providing personalized service. We will personally meet with you and discuss your goals and options, weather is to start a new venture, or to maximized your current business.  We would like for you to also experience our Global Vision.

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